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RICAS: Beat the Odds

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RICAS Scores: Beat the OddsBy now most of us have read the results of the Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS) test with schools’ proficiency scores ranging from single digits to 40thpercentiles. True, there are some outliers in suburban schools with scores in the 70thpercentiles.  But, for most kids in urban schools, the low scores reflect the daily struggles students face each day in classrooms. They just don’t have the tools they need to succeed.

While state leaders continue to labor to solve this problem, we have been working effectively with students for the last twenty years, both individually and in our intensive summer “Code Breakers” program, to ensure they have the literacy skills they need to succeed in school and today’s job market.

What We Do to Beat the Odds

We have been the lifeline for young adults, who have somehow graduated from high school without being able to read and write well enough to fill out a job application, become literate, and go on to attend college or find a job.

On any given day at our learning center, or in the many libraries across the state where our certified teachers and reading specialists work, one can see students working side-by-side with these experts after school or on weekends to improve their reading and writing skills. And improve they do! Kids who can’t read at all, or who are two to three years behind (thus their low scores on proficiency tests), are taught through multi-sensory, researched teaching techniques that boost their reading and writing skills. These kids are beating the odds, one by one, or in small groups in the summer.

What You Can Do to Beat the Odds

For the over 400 students we help each year, there are still more waiting to learn to read. You can help a student Beat the Odds this year. Donate to make sure every student waiting on our list gets a chance to learn to read and open the door to opportunity.

 “Words cannot express my gratitude toward RITES. My son was NOT progressing at school, even with added resources. In one year, tutoring with rites, my son was flying through reading levels. We are now approaching year two, He is almost to grade level. I feel that the services RITES offers are a life saver for my son. He could have given up on his education. He was falling through the cracks at his school. RITES (and especially his tutor Jeanne) have helped his success , not only in reading but writing, spelling, handwriting, self-efficacy, and most importantly self-esteem. What RITES does is amazing, nothing short of a miracle.”    Client Served 

If you can read this, don’t take that gift for granted – Consider Donating Today

Tips for helping your child be a better reader

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