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United States Naval Academy STEM Summer Camp

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Apply now to the United States Naval Academy Summer STEM Camp for high school students.Applications are now open for the popular Summer STEM Program at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland! At least one Maker Mom reader sent her son recently and he had a blast at the camp. It’s reassuring to know this site is living up to its mission to help parents raise STEM-loving kids!

The US Naval Academy Summer STEM camps are offered for rising 8th-11th graders. The application includes not only basic questions about academic background, but about physical ability (as in, tell us about what varsity sports you’re in) as well. These are selective programs which aim to bring together a diverse group of participants from across the US.

Topics like circuitry, drones, coding, and cybersecurity will be covered in ways that allow for hands-on participation.

Parents must cover the cost of transportation to BWI or the Naval Academy in addition to the $505 approximate cost for the program, which covers meals, housing, and materials.

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Be aware that once they have your child’s email USNA will be contacting them about other recruitment events. Honestly, I’m not a fan of having a young teen on military recruitment lists. That said, I was glad to get a heads-up when USNA folks were passing through town to talk about the Naval Academy. It’s an impressive institution and very selective in recruiting a diverse group of students that are both scholars and athletes.

One of the most important lessons I learned at the meeting is that the application process for USNA is quite rigorous requiring input not only from school counselors and teachers, but also coaches and physicians, not to mention the required nod from a nationally elected representative in your area.

That’s just for the 4-year school, though. The camp application is straightforward. If you have a soon-to-be or current high school student who loves STEM, don’t pass up a chance to be a part of this prestigious program.

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