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Meet Our New Math Tutors

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I hope to offer students an understanding of how math can be useful in a variety of things that they may want to do in the future. Most importantly, I strive to help them with the simplest path that leads to success in their current coursework and exams.

math tutor KarynMeet Math Tutor Karyn Elias

I am excited to be a new member of the staff at Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services. I have my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a minor in mathematics.  Upon graduation, I completed additional coursework in computer programming. Then I spent twelve years working as a computer programmer in the insurance industry. More recently, I took courses in mathematics and education and earned my master’s degree in secondary education.  I am now a fully certified mathematics teacher with more than five years of teaching experience. This combination of work and education enables me to share my love of math. It also provides a valuable perspective as to why math is important in the real world.  I strive to help my students come to appreciate and love math as much as I do!

Below is one of my favorite quotes regarding the importance and beauty of my favorite subject. You might not agree, and that is okay. I hope once we have worked together that you may appreciate this quote too.

“Mathematics is useful, mathematics is beautiful, and mathematics disciplines the mind.” ~ Source unknown

math tutor PatrickMeet Math Tutor Patrick Poirier

I am thrilled to continue my journey teaching math with RITES. I am a certified 7th-12th-grade math teacher with over 10 years of experience with tutoring, along with my years of classroom teaching.

What brings me the most joy is taking math concepts that students find difficult and explaining them in a way that they can easily understand.  Through patience, careful listening, and clear explanations, I am able to help students towards their individual math goals.

Want a better grade in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, or Calculus?

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