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Winter STEM and STEAM Fun in February

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STEM funand activities for February on TheMakerMom.comWe’re adding to our series of guides to seasonal STEM fun! There are special STEM days all year long and we’re working to compile them into family-friendly bits that will help guide your family activities, whether for homeschool, supplementing, or work with youth groups.

Use these February STEM themes to guide your winter study, reading, and fun

You can find the STEM in any day. For example, you can make these crystal hearts for Valentine’s Day. But the themes below relate more directly to science, technology, engineering and/or math.

Grow a Crystal Heart

Don’t miss these tips to make the most of Engineers Week wherever you are.

Bake or make something in honor of the Chinese New Year. Learn about China’s “Four great inventions” papermaking, printing, gunpowder, and the compass, along with 16 others that paved for the way for the modern era. If there’s a Chinatown in your area, look for celebrations and dragon parades.

World Wetlands Day Learn about the critical role of wetlands in our ecosystem as well as how they are affected by development and climate change.

Backyard Bird Count Be a part of this long-running citizen science project without leaving the comfort of your home! People of all ages count birds to create a real-time snapshot of where birds are. Get started with these resources.

Black history month Check out Joy Buolamwin’s TED talk about algorithmic bias and the “coded gaze.” Her work started after a facial recognition program didn’t recognize her face. Read about some black engineers you may not have heard of,

Celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday on February 12!

International Polar Bear Day learn how a warming climate impacts polar bears and what your family can do about it.

Chicago STEM Fun

For a Chicago-centric look at February STEM fun, check out this round-up at STEM Kids Chicago. While you’re there, don’t miss the latest Chicago guides: Spring Break, Summer STEM Camps, and STEM Camps for Girls.

You can join the STEM Kids Chicago newsletter to receive the coolest area events delivered to your inbox twice a month!

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