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Trouble with Math in High School?

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Does Your Teen Have Any of the Following Difficulties With High School Math?

These math red flags can mean your child is having a tough time learning math and can experience further math difficulties:

Troubles with high school math can include:

  • Memorizing facts
  • Attending to operations signs
    (+, -, x, /)
  • Solving word problems
  • Completing math homework
  • Understanding concepts

Why Do Some Students Have Difficulty Learning Math?

When high school students are polled about their least favorite subject, math is always the number one subject teenagers dislike. Often, many students need time and repetition to grasp new math concepts. However, a teacher’s instructional timeline may not match up with students’ need for more time to grasp the new concept. As the teacher moves on to the next concept, students begin to feel lost if they haven’t understood the previous concept. This is because math concepts build upon one another. Students have to understand each math topic before moving on to the next one. Not grasping concepts when they are presented in class can result in students becoming frustrated and then they often give up trying.

What Can Help Conquer Trouble with Math?

high school math teacher and student, student with dyscalculia, trouble with math solved, math difficultiesTurn math difficulties into solving math problems

More practice can make all the difference when addressing math difficulties. Many teenagers may need more exposure to an idea. They may need the concept re-explained or have the opportunity to practice more problems until the method for solving the problem becomes more automatic. Other teenagers may need different or repeated explanations in order to understand the math concept.

 What Makes Math Difficult for Students with Learning Challenges?

Students with learning challenges, such as dyscalculia, may have difficulties learning the “language” of math, analyzing and synthesizing information,  making conclusions and/or hypothesizing. Furthermore, students who are anxious or depressed may have difficulty concentrating, making learning challenging. To gain a better understanding of the mathematical problems experienced by students with learning challenges, click here. 

What Can Parents Do to Help?

Download these helpful guidelines for studying and doing math homework at home.

For those difficult nights when your teen doesn’t understand his or her homework assignment, try out one of these high school math YouTube channels to have concepts explained and demonstrated.

 When more intervention is needed, consider working with a highly trained, experienced math tutor with expertise in the particular form of math your student needs. If you are interested in finding out more about the possibility of a high school math tutor, contact us at R I Tutorial: info@ritutorial.org or click to call at 401-723-4459!

With these helpful hints about students with math difficulties, turn trouble with high school math into solving math problems.

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