How to Make Fancy Flatware – Decorated Spoons – Easy Last-minute Gift Idea

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If you are like me you can always use a new idea for a quick and easy gift idea. And if you are a crafter I know you have some extra beads buttons and Kabobbles in your craft stash. So grab your supplies and let’s get crafting

To start this project you will need to find a “gift in a jar” recipe that you want to make. There are tons of recipes to search so find your favorite one or two. You will also need a container. A lot of folks use mason jars but since I was making 20 plus gifts I put mine in small plastic bags. You could also use any recycled containers you have on hand.

The next step is to find your miss-matched flatware pieces or pick up some from the thrift store. I used spoons for my project because I was giving soup and tea mixes but you could also pair knives with homemade jam, forks with a pie or the whole flatware set with a gifted Christmas dinner.

You can find the full tutorial in the video below.

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