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Plan C Live: Re-Opening University Makerspaces

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As the process of re-opening offices and stores in local communities continues, universities, like schools, are planning how and when to reopen their campuses — including, their makerspaces. This week’s Plan C Live program looks at the challenges university makerspaces face and their strategies for re-opening their makerspaces to faculty, students, and the public.

Date: Thursday, July 9 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Register to join the live Zoom session or Watch on Make’s YouTube Channel

Join host Dorothy Jones-Davis of Nation of Makers and Dale Dougherty of Make: Community along with the following panelists.


  • Niti Parikh, Cornell Tech Maker Lab
  • Matthew Wettergreen and Amy Kavalewitz, Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen at Rice University
  • Jacob Schmidt, UCLA Samueli Makerspace
  • Matt Lamparter and Alan Cheville, Bucknell University

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