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PLAN C LIVE: Educational Kits

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Kits enable making.

They are especially good for beginners and young makers.  They are also a convenience for parents who want to encourage children to start making but don’t have time to track down tools and supplies. The number of kits and the different types of kits by and for makers have grown from only a few to maybe thousands.  There are kits for robotics, coding, electronics, wearables,

During COVID-19, kits can be an important supplement to the education provided by schools.  In this conversation, we’ll be talking about the educational value and uses of kits, and our panelists are developers of kits.

August 6 (4pm PT / 7pm ET)

Register to join us on Zoom or watch on our youtube channel.

What makes a good educational kit?
What makes an educational kit good for children?
Does it need to be tied to curriculum?
What are the different kinds of experiences that kits enable?  Are some types of kits better than others?
What is an open-end kit versus a closed kit?
The Panel 

Jay Silver, Makey Makey
Deren Güler, Teknikio
Canon Reeves – MORE TECH

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