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DIY: Glass Bottles & Jars Into Flower Vases

Fresh flowers bring joy and add a pop of color. That’s why they are always a nice addition in any room in the house. Having some cute vases to display your flowers in useful. They will enhance any bouquet and complete your decoration. You…

Large Recycled Cardboard Vases

To build these cardboard vases, I used recycled cardboard, glue, and varnish and experimental techniques. Cardboard and tinted plaster of Paris and varnish. Both partly inspired by rough handicraft containers, often made from native plant…

Recycled Cardboard Wasp Nest Pot

This wasp nest pot was made back in 2015 out of recycled corrugated cardboard, glue, and varnish. It's 19cm high. I resorted to gluing dry pieces of cardboard together*. As the place I was renting at the time was far to damp for any "paper…
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